Misuse or improper possession of a prescribed medicine is a crime

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Drugs are any substance with a known impact on the human body or mind. Many drugs are available as over-the-counter medications because they pose little risk of misuse, addiction or medical consequence. Other drugs, commonly known as prescription drugs, are available with the recommendation of a physician when legally dispensed by a pharmacist.

Prescription drugs are controlled substances much like illegal or prohibited drugs. Getting caught while under the influence of or in possession of illegal drugs ranging from marijuana to methamphetamine can result in Missouri drug charges. People often don’t realize that prescription medications can carry a similar risk.

You can only possess prescription drugs in your name

There are many reasons why one person could wind up holding on to someone else’s medications. Perhaps they struggle with abuse themselves and asked you to serve as an intermediary so that they have access if they need it but not if they merely want it. Maybe their spouse or child has previously stolen their medication. It’s even possible that somebody close to you gave you a medication because you couldn’t afford your own prescription or had symptoms that the medication might help with.

Regardless of the reason, it is illegal to possess prescription drugs that aren’t prescribed to you. With the exception of holding onto medications for minor children or other dependents, you can only legally own or use a prescription medication that your physician has specifically prescribed to you.

Possessing more than the amount covered in the prescription, taking the medication in a way that violates the terms of the physician’s recommendations or obtaining medication from the black market could all leave you vulnerable to serious criminal drug charges for a substance that might otherwise be legal to use and possess.