What Is Title IX?

What Is Title IX?

Since Title IX was first passed in 1972, it has modified over the years to include sexual misconduct as a form of discrimination. It requires any school receiving federal funding, which covers almost all public and private universities, to prevent any student from receiving their education and participating in any campus programs if accused and proven guilty.

Are field sobriety tests accurate?

Police officers sometimes use portable breath tests (PBTs) to check and see if a driver is intoxicated, but many breath tests and blood tests happen at the station. As such, officers need something they can use in the field, when it’s not clear if the driver is...

Distracted driving with a DWI penalty

Missouri residents charged with driving while intoxicated offenses may face a range of penalties should they be convicted of the charge. These penalties may include the payment of high fines, participation in substance abuse or treatment programs and even the loss of...