Are false accusations a real problem?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Sex crimes

A false sexual assault accusation can result in serious damage to your reputation and livelihood. In today’s era, most people will believe an accuser without the need for any evidence. While this is helpful to victims who really have suffered abuse, it is detrimental to those who face untrue accusations.

You may wonder how often such false claims occur. According to CNN, it is difficult to pin down the exact percentage of sexual assault claims that are not true, but the number may be between 2% and 10%.

False or not enough evidence

Part of the reason for the large range is that some figures may include those claims where there was not enough evidence to bring charges. It often depends on the agency taking the report and looking into the claims as to how they label them. That is another issue because every law enforcement agency has its own protocols for handling, labeling and categorizing claims.

In these cases, the sexual assault may very well be true, but there is simply not enough evidence to meet legal requirements to take the case to court. However, they may end up in the count of false accusations.

Other factors

Law enforcement may also label claims as false for other reasons that do not necessarily mean the incident did not happen. For example, if a victim refuses to cooperate with investigators, it could trigger a false claim label.

The truth

There will always be situations where someone makes a claim that is not true. They may do so to punish you or hurt you. However, the chances seem to be fairly low that you would actually face a false sexual assault claim.