How do you seek employment with a DWI?

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | DWI

You received a driving while intoxicated charge in the middle of a career or job change. How do you explain your encounter with Missouri law enforcement to potential employers?

Chron offers tips for finding a job with a DWI on your record. Your charge does not mean you cannot find an employer willing to hire you.

See what employers see

Before potential employers run a background check on you, run one on yourself. Double-check the accuracy of your DWI, especially the name of the person who received the charge and whether you have a false duplicate charge. If you see anything amiss, remedy the mistake before continuing your job search.

Do not lie

Because of how easily companies may research potential candidates before scheduling an interview or making a job offer, do not lie about your criminal past. You do not want to disqualify yourself for a job by lying to a company willing to work with employees who have a criminal past, but not with applicants who do not tell the truth.

Break down what happened

Maybe peer pressure, an underlying mental health issue or a misjudgment led to your DUI. Whatever the reason, share it with the company, making sure you mention how the experience changed you for the better and the steps you take to improve your life. Let the hiring manager know how you work to ensure you never receive another DWI charge.

Time the revelation

You do not have to lead with your criminal charge. Instead, wait until you receive a job offer. That way, the employer has a chance to connect with you professionally before you dive into your personal life.

A DUI does not wipe out job opportunities. Know your rights and how to present yourself as a solid candidate who made a mistake.