A work computer could involve you in sex crime charges

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2021 | Firm News

The lack of privacy on a work computer is an important reason not to engage in personal pursuits while at work. Furthermore, if your workplace misinterprets any of your computer activities as illegal, you might become involved in a criminal investigation.

Using a work computer for certain personal tasks could cross the line legally without you realizing it and put you at risk of prison time. You likely understand the boundaries of the law and do not use any computer for illegal purposes. Still, you want to keep malicious parties from using your personal information in a way that falsely implicates you in a sex crime.

Keep personal info off your work computer

Reader’s Digest warns that employees run a great risk by leaving personal information on their work computers. If you use a personal online account password or store a personal file on your computer and do not erase it, another worker may discover it. Although it is a rare occurrence, a malicious party might breach one of your online accounts or personal files and land you in trouble by using it for illegal sexual activities, such as solicitation of a minor.

Be cautious when using public WiFi

You may find it convenient to connect your work computer to a public WiFi network. Even so, this action could leave your computer vulnerable. You may lose your job if your work files leak through the network.

Your workplace may offer a secure VPN for its computers, so this could be less of a problem if you do your job at your workplace. But if you work remotely, you may have to set up your own VPN to keep your computer secure from hackers. Another option is to refrain from signing on to a public network when using your computer.

Protect your legal rights if needed

Exercising caution when it comes to your internet activities at work may help prevent criminal sex charges or other problems that could damage your professional and personal life. Keeping personal files and online accounts off your computer is a common-sense step in the event of a false accusation.