What do you know about the different kinds of domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2021 | Criminal Defense

You just learned your current partner brought domestic violence charges against you. Perhaps you are not clear of the part you played in the allegations or how to respond to them.

WebMD explains the different forms domestic violence takes. Educate yourself on the matter so you know how to build a legal defense.

Physical violence

Examples of physical domestic violence include physically striking a partner, pushing, grabbing hair, scratching and biting. One partner may accuse the other of forcing him or her to drink alcohol or take drugs, two other forms of physical violence. One partner may deny the other healthcare as a form of violence.

Psychological abuse

Examples of non-physical domestic violence include threatening harm to oneself or one’s partner, unrelenting criticism, name-calling, yelling, intentionally damaging a partner’s personal relationships and shaming or blaming a partner. A person accused of emotional or mental abuse may also destroy property or harm pets.

Sexual abuse

Partners always have the right to say no to sexual acts, no matter how many times a person consented in the past. A physically intimate relationship may become abusive if one partner forces the other to commit a sexual act.

Financial abuse

Those accused of financial abuse may control a partner’s income or access to money. An economically abusive partner may prevent her or his significant other from getting a job or gaining higher education.

While you may stand accused of domestic violence, you still have rights. A professional may help you better understand the charges you face and how to respond to them the right way.