3 common ways to violate your ignition interlock obligations

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | DWI

If you are facing charges for driving while impaired, you may be at risk of losing your driving privileges. In some cases, it is possible to regain restricted driving privileges by installing an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. An ignition interlock device is essentially a breath tester you install on your car, truck or SUV.

Before you can start the vehicle, you must provide an alcohol-free breath sample. To avoid additional DWI-related consequences, you must comply with all ignition interlock obligations. Here are three common ways to violate these.

1. Removing the device

Regrettably, ignition interlock devices can be unreliable and irritating. If your device malfunctions, you may think about removing it before driving where you need to go. Doing so, though, is a mistake. After all, you must keep the device on your vehicle until you have official permission to remove it.

2. Driving a different vehicle

Even if you have had nothing to drink, it may be tempting to drive a friend’s or relative’s vehicle. Nevertheless, Missouri law likely requires you to have an ignition interlock device on every vehicle you drive. If officers stop you in a vehicle without an interlock device, your restricted driver’s license may tell them to arrest you.

3. Missing service appointments

Ignition interlock devices require regular calibration and maintenance, so you must take your vehicle to an approved service center every month. Even though attending service appointments can be inconvenient and expensive, missing them may cause you to lose your driving privileges completely.

Remember, you do not have a right to drive on public roads in Missouri or anywhere else. By complying with your ignition interlock device requirements and avoiding common mistakes, you can likely get through your restriction period and restore your full driving privileges.