Ava man facing current, past accusations of domestic violence

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Cases allegedly involving something as grave as domestic violence certainly warrant the serious attention of law enforcement officials in Missouri. That said, people must remember that they cannot allow the emotion prompted by such charges to steer them in the direction of a rush to judgment against the parties subject to them.

Indeed, those accused of domestic violence still deserve equal treatment under the law as that afforded to any other alleged offender, with the hope being that evidence (and evidence alone) will determine their guilt or innocence.

Supposed past victims surface following Ava man’s arrest

Local law enforcement officials no doubt hope that more evidence surfaces against an Ava man accused of assaulting his wife and abducting his son, prompting the issuance of an Amber Alert. Per local KY3.com, the man now faces several charges related to the incident along with weapons offenses.

Yet reports also detail a potentially troubling trend now emerging following the man’s arrest, that being the accusations of women now claiming the man also assaulted them several years ago. The difficulty of the situation, however, might come from the story of one supposed victim in particular, who claims the man’s illicit actions against her took place over 20 years ago (following which she never pursued criminal charges).

Not becoming caught up in accusation hysteria

While few will argue that one should answer for any actions proven to have occurred, there is a risk that the hysteria related to a single incident may suddenly lead to more accusations (whose veracity might be more difficult to prove). Such accusations may indeed have merit, yet those accused of them have the right to have that determined in an appropriate setting (and not be convicting on the basis of emotional hysteria alone).