DoJ cracking down on cybercrimes

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2021 | Firm News

The Justice Department has announced their increased amped-up efforts to put an end to cybercrimes and ransomware. It’s a problem that will likely never be fully eradicated. Those who commit the crimes become more advanced just as quickly as those who prevent them, so it’s a constant back-and-forth battle. Still, the DoJ hopes that the planned increase in arrests, seizures of ransoms paid to hackers, and new operations for law enforcement will have a significant bearing on the cybersecurity landscape in Missouri.

Putting the fear in the hackers

A major aim of these new measures is to send a clear message to any would-be cybercriminals out there: If they commit the crime, they’d better be prepared to do the time. Or, as Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco put it, “If you come for us, we’re going to come for you.”

This move is built from a series of other actions taken in the past few months. Recently, a suspected Russian cybercriminal was extradited to the United States. In June, $2.3 million was seized – payments made to hackers in the form of cryptocurrency.

Over the summer of 2021, President Joe Biden admonished Russian dictator Vladimir Putin for the Russian hacking gangs that have been repeatedly plaguing the U.S. with cyberattacks – cyberattacks, it should be noted, that made the hackers a considerable amount of money. In spite of this, Russian cyberattacks still run rampant, and so an equally robust response is needed.

Cyberattacks are white-collar crimes that may be extremely dangerous to the public. From targeting specific industries, holding sensitive data hostage, and threatening the security of the country, there’s no shortage of malicious actions that cybercrimes enable. Not only economic security but personal security is threatened when an individual’s online life is compromised.

The rise in cybercrimes, particularly those from overseas, is highly concerning not just on a personal level but also on the level of national security. When hackers threaten our privacy and safety, it’s crucial that clear, strong actions are taken to counter these attacks. Only time will tell if the Justice Department’s new cybercrime policies will be enough to keep today’s audacious breed of hackers at bay.