Matt Canovi “Gun Show” on Saturday mornings

Matt Canovi “Gun Show” on Saturday mornings

On Behalf of Wampler & Passanise

In the last 5 years I was honored to be a guest over 200 times on the Matt Canovi “Gun Show” on Saturday mornings (KSFG 104.1 FM and 1260 AM) Matt featured a number of guests including doctors, judges, military veterans, police officers, and most recently fellow attorney and firearms dealer Craig Heidemann.

For 40 years Matt Canovi (who was killed Saturday) served his country as a tough Marine, cop, undercover narcotics officer and criminal intelligence specialist. He traveled to Africa, Europe, and around America training law enforcement officers.

Each week he counted and pinpointed the weekly “shots fired” in Springfield and bemoaned the rise in crime. Quite often he would break-out with his Christian testimony and love for Jesus Christ. Something you don’t often hear discussed by radio hosts.

He taught thousands of classes to men and women at his shooting range emphasizing gun safety. Imagine – a world class expert – residing in our community. In law enforcement there wasn’t anything he didn’t know or have an opinion about. And he was vocal.

His thousands of listeners will miss his commanding voice and advice. Matt, may God receive your soul – and may your life be a beacon to us all.