FAQ On Drug Charges

Drug Offense FAQ

If you don’t have a legal background, it can be difficult to use Missouri drug laws to protect your rights. At Wampler & Passanise, our seasoned criminal defense attorneys are ready to help you understand how these laws apply to your circumstances when you have been arrested or charged with a drug offense.

We have successfully represented thousands of clients since 1997, so we are familiar with the concerns you have regarding serious drug issues. We’ve provided answers to drug crime questions our clients have asked us after they’ve had a brush with the law.

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What is Missouri’s statute of limitations for drug charges?

In Missouri, prosecutors may not bring a case against a defendant after a certain period of time passes. The statute of limitations varies according to the charges filed. Prosecutors have six months to begin legal proceedings for an infraction, one year for a misdemeanor offense and three years for a felony offense.

Can I lose my job or my lease if for smoking marijuana?

Yes. Although medical marijuana is legal in Missouri, your employer or landlord can enforce drug-free policies that they’ve established.

What’s the risk in pleading guilty to a misdemeanor drug offense?

When you plead guilty to a misdemeanor drug offense, the penalties may include more than a fine and court fees. This conviction appears on your criminal record, which can be accessed by potential employers, landlords or other interested parties when they conduct a background check. Your record could be the reason that you are not offered a job or lease. If you are a student applying for federal loans, you could also lose eligibility to apply for and receive financial aid.

How can a criminal defense attorney help me when prosecutors have a strong case against me?

Prosecutors may tell you that pleading guilty is your best option, but it’s in your interest to consult with an advocate is really on your side. Our lawyers will review all aspects of your case to determine whether your constitutional rights were violated at any point in the criminal process. We are fierce negotiators who will fight to get the charges dismissed or penalties reduced. Do not allow the prosecutor to persuade you to make a mistake that you could regret years down the road.

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