Federal Sex Offenses

Qualified To Handle Federal Sex Offense Cases

If you are the target of a federal sex offense investigation or have been charged with this violation, it is critical that you retain a highly-qualified attorney. Not all criminal defense lawyers have the legal skills necessary to combat charges filed on the federal level, which can damage your case.

Our attorneys at Wampler & Passanise are imminently qualified to represent individuals facing complex federal charges, including a range of sex offenses. Our lawyers, Dee Wampler and Joe Passanise, are recognized throughout Missouri and across the nation for their legal ability and their impressive record of results. In addition to sharing over seven decades of trial experience, our legal team has handled cases on both sides of the aisle. You can trust them with intricate criminal matters.

Ready To Challenge Federal Prosecutors

Federal prosecutors are daunting opponents to face in court or negotiations. These prosecutors not only have a large budget at their disposal; they can also rely on government agencies to conduct investigations. They use their vast resources to build tight cases and will pursue severe penalties for sex offenses.

Our lawyers do not take these types of cases lightly. We recognize the legal battle that lies ahead, ready to challenge federal prosecutors in matters related to:

Sex offense allegations can destroy your personal relationships and your professional reputation. When you hire us, we begin defending your name and your rights immediately. Taking a proactive approach allows us to minimize the effect this serious issue has on all aspects of your life and allows us to secure the best outcome according to the facts of your case.

Whether you suspect you are under investigation for this offense or have already been contacted by a prosecutor, you have a right to retain an attorney. Make the smart choice and speak to a highly skilled criminal defense lawyer.

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