Domestic Violence

Providing A Strong Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

The label of an abuser does not fit or represent you. However, you find yourself tagged with this unwelcomed moniker after being accused of domestic violence. And you understand that this accusation will disrupt your family dynamic and damage your personal and professional reputations.

This is the time you need to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who will guide you through the court system.

The attorneys of Wampler & Passanise in Springfield, Missouri, are prepared to advocate for you in getting any such charges reduced and dismissed or gain an acquittal in a trial. We work to the best of our abilities for clients throughout Missouri. Our attorneys aggressively represent our clients, especially the ones falsely accused of domestic violence.

Trial-Tested Attorneys Recognized For Criminal Defense

A conviction for domestic violence potentially leads to incarceration, probation, fines and restitution. This may happen along with a likely damaged reputation and even potential job loss. In addition, a conviction will possibly affect your time with your children as well as force you from your home.

Here are some of the consequences you face when charged with domestic violence:

  • Ejection from your home, preventing you from living, going and visiting your residence.
  • Not permitted to contact your spouse or partner in any way.
  • Limiting your child custody and visitation rights. Your time with your children will diminish. Visitations are possible but only under the supervision of third parties.
  • Potential seizure of your firearms

Attorneys Dee Wampler and Joseph S. Passanise have decades of experience as skilled trial-tested attorneys. Mr. Wampler previously served as a prosecuting attorney, while Mr. Passanise is nationally recognized for his criminal defense skills.

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An accusation of domestic violence promises difficulty and upheaval in your life as you know it. An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide the crucial guidance that you need to overcome this situation or any criminal charges stemming from it.

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