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December 25, 2023
Court Plan hits full steam in Greene County
In 2008, Greene County voters adopted the Nonpartisan Court Plan to choose their local judges. Fifteen years later, the transformation of the Greene County Circuit Court is complete. Since last year, the final group of judges who had once been elected under partisan labels — Calvin Holden, Thomas Mountjoy, Jason Brown, David Jones, Mark Powell...
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August 4, 2022
Closing Criminal Records: Missouri’s New Expungement Law
Starting January 1, 2018, many Missourians will become eligible for expungement of their criminal records. In 2016, Missouri Legislature signed new criminal record expungement rules into law. These rules allow for the expungement of most misdemeanors and many felonies, including drug offenses. In the past, only very few crimes were eligible for expungement. Expungement is...
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