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April 5, 2023
Polygraph Tests: What You Need to Know
You’ve likely seen polygraph tests used in movies and on television shows, but how are these tests used in reality? In this blog, we’ll define polygraph tests, discuss their accuracy and use, explain why they’re not admissible in court, and help you understand your rights when it comes to taking these tests. What Is a...
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April 1, 2023
Tax Evasion vs. Tax Avoidance: What Are the Legal Risks?
Let’s face it—the word “taxes” alone can be a major stress inducer for most people. A main reason for this is the underlying fear of making a mistake that could lead to an IRS audit, potentially resulting in hefty fines, penalties, or even a jail sentence. In the past three years, there have been more...
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January 23, 2023
Joseph S. Passanise and Taylon Sumners Recognized for Criminal Law Expertise by Best Lawyers in America, 2023 ED.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo.—Springfield criminal defense attorneys Joseph S. Passanise and Taylon Sumners, of Wampler Passanise, have been recognized by Best Lawyers in America, 2023 Ed. Based entirely on peer review, this is the 29th year Best Lawyers has published its prestigious list of top American lawyers and the third year it has recognized Ones to Watch...
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December 12, 2022
Commonsense: The Owner Of A Vehicle Is The Driver Of The Vehicle
Under Kansas v. Glover, 140 S. Ct. 1183 (2020), the United States Supreme Court determined that law enforcement officers are permitted to conduct an investigative stop solely based on the commonsense notion that the driver of a vehicle will be the owner of the vehicle. In this case, a Kansas deputy ran the vehicle’s license...
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December 12, 2022
Hot Pursuit of Misdemeanor Offenses
Exigent circumstances can be considered an exception to the Fourth Amendment requirement that police must obtain a warrant before entering a suspect’s home. For example, the “hot pursuit” of a suspect fleeing police can create an exigent circumstance for police to enter the fleeing suspect’s home without a warrant. But, what if the suspect is...
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August 5, 2022
Beating ShotSpotter in Firearms Trials
Until 10 years ago, the standard gun trial consisted of police officers testifying that they recovered a gun from on or near the suspect and an “expert” concluding the gun was operable and/or manufactured out of state. Today, even the most routine gun cases commonly involved fingerprints and DNA testing, evidence derived from clients’ social...
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