The Loophole

Sit behind the defense table with criminal defense attorney Joseph S. Passanise. His podcast, The Loophole, takes you beyond the yellow crime-scene tape with topics like gun laws, domestic violence, drugs, embezzlement, and homicide. Also available on your favorite podcast platforms.

Season 1

One of the keys to happiness is following your passion. Sometimes, it leads you down roads you never envisioned. Get to know the hosts of The Loophole and how they ended up defending some of the toughest criminal charges imaginable.

Not guilty by reason of insanity means no jail time, right? Wrong. Learn about this and other ways attorneys defend clients. And remember, the best defense against any criminal charge is innocence.

Missouri is the latest state to implement cell phone legislation to reduce distracted driving, aligning Missouri with most other states that have similar legislation. What constitutes distracted driving, and what activities are allowed under the new law? What body parts can you use Joe and Taylon cover the details and what they see as challenges with enforcement.

Laws regulating hunting and the use of firearms can vary by state and province. It’s your responsibility to know the laws where you live and travel. That old saying is true: pleading ignorance of the law can get you fined or serving jail time.

In this episode, we cover child endangerment, what it means and the many forms it takes. We also discuss the signs and symptoms to watch for and what to do should you find yourself in a situation where you suspect, or are charged, with endangering a child.

Medical and/or recreational marijuana can cause a multitude of issues when traveling. When it comes to cannabis, you’re dealing with state and federal law. This episode discusses different aspects of each and how to avoid unintended consequences.

With the winter holidays on the horizon, we’re discussing what to do if you’ve been celebrating and get pulled over. Learn about field sobriety tests that may be administered, your rights and responsibilities, and ways to celebrate safely.

Season 2

What exactly is reasonable doubt and how do jurors in criminal trials wrestle with this somewhat vague concept? In this episode, we break it down for you.

As a young adult, alcohol is often part of social situations. You face adult consequences for possessing or providing alcohol to other minors if you’re underage. Joe breaks it down in this episode.

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