Sex Offenses

Even if you're not convicted, an accusation can destroy your reputation and relationships. Our team has decades of experience defending sex charges.

Zealous Advocacy For Sex Crime Allegations Or Charges

The stakes are high whether you are facing allegations or have been charged with committing a sex crime in Missouri. Even if you are not convicted, an accusation could destroy your professional or personal relationships. A criminal conviction could create more problems. Penalties often attached to a conviction include sex offender registration, incarceration, significant fines and more.

The consequences of being convicted can stay with you for years, but receiving skilled legal assistance can help protect your rights and your reputation. At Wampler & Passanise, our award-winning attorneys bring decades of courtroom experience to your defense when a sex crime matter jeopardizes your future.

Moving Swiftly To Protect Your Reputation And Your Case

When you hire our team, we move swiftly to build a strong case. Our lawyers draw on their substantial legal background when they review evidence, study police reports and question witnesses.

We have vast legal insight that we use to defend clients accused of a variety of different crimes, including:

We also have represented clients in positions of authority, such as police officers, teachers or coaches. When your career hangs in the balance, our team is prepared to help you fight for your future.

Avoiding This Issue Is Not A Viable Option

Acting promptly can go a long way to minimize the impact this charge has on your life. Contact us today to arrange a private, no-cost consultation at our Springfield office. You can reach us through our confidential intake form or over the phone at 417-882-9300.


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