Are synthetic drugs safe and legal to buy and use?

August 4, 2022
Are synthetic drugs safe and legal to buy and use?

There are a number of drugs banned at both the federal and Missouri state level that still have high demand among consumers. Chemists and those interested in making money quickly years ago identified a profitable market for synthetic drugs among the American people.

After all, when the government bans a specific chemical, they don’t get rid of demand by doing so. Chemists have found ways to create compounds that replicate or come close to duplicating the effect of popular banned substances.

Companies have packaged and marketed these substances for consumer purchase, sometimes going so far as to claim that their new synthetic or designer drug is actually illegal. Could you face charges if you get caught in possession of a synthetic drug?

If it duplicates a banned drug, the potential for prosecution exists

Some of the more popular drugs are meant to replace prohibited substances. Both because their active ingredient isn’t listed on the state or federal controlled substances list and because standard drug tests may not pick up on synthetic drugs, many people inaccurately claim that synthetic drugs are legal to possess, sell and use.

Federal law on drugs makes it very clear that any substance intended to duplicate the effect of a banned drug is also banned. If you get caught while in possession of synthetic marijuana, bath salts, Molly or N-Bomb, you can wind up facing the same penalties you would for marijuana, methamphetamine, MDMA or LSD. Additionally, few of these compounds have received testing for long-term effects on the human body, meaning there could be medical consequences later in life for users.

Don’t let a drug charge ruin your life. If you’re charged with a drug offense due to the possession or sale of synthetic drugs, get experienced legal assistance.


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