Background checks and expungements

August 4, 2022
Background checks and expungements

When Missouri residents apply for jobs, they may wonder what they should do if they have had an offense expunged from their record. Many employers typically perform background checks, and people may sometimes wonder if a potential employer will find about an expungement. 

Most of the time, employers do not have access to expunged records. According to FindLaw, once a person gets an expungement, his or her record becomes sealed. This means that if a potential employer does a background check, the company will usually not receive information about expungements. Instead, the company generally learns that there is no record available. Because this information does not typically appear on a background check, people can say they do not have a criminal record when employers ask for this information on a job application.

Even if someone gets an expungement, there may be times when he or she needs to disclose a prior brush with the law. This is usually only if someone applies for a job with law enforcement or wants to attain a judicial position. In these situations, people typically need to explain the incident and mention that it has been officially removed from their record. 

It is important for people to remember that with the internet, it may sometimes be difficult to remove all evidence that a person ever had a brush with the law. Global HR Research says that when employers look up a job applicant, they may sometimes come across information no longer on a person’s record. However, this does not mean that people who have had their record expunged need to worry. Employers are usually not allowed to use this information when they hire people. Additionally, companies should typically discuss this information with job applicants. 


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