Bad News For The NRA

Bad News For The NRA

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Wayne LaPierre has been a long time leader of the National Rifle Association. More recently, war hero Lt. Col. Oliver North, holder of the bronze star, silver star, purple hearts (and many other awards)  and national hero was asked to serve as president with LaPierre still in the background as CEO.

Then, after the organization has collected millions of dollars a year in dues, their advertising agency Ackerman McQueen was paid $40 million a year from 5 million members to do all their advertising.

At the most recent Indianapolis convention, Ollie North and a small group of supporters on the NRA Board revealed that LaPierre has collected as much as $200,000 in clothing allowances, and spent more than $240,000 on extravagant travel costs, without proper documentation.

Now, everybody wants to get into the act. The New York State Attorney General and the IRS are looking at LaPierre to see whether he claimed the money as income or not, if not he would owe federal and state taxes.

Prosecutors are chomping at the bit to audit and possible prosecute NRA Board members and officials for allowing this to happen.

The NRA is now going to have to hire separate law firm and accountants to use the dues money to defend themselves in state and federal court. It is a lose/lose situation for the NRA.