Can a DWI change your college trajectory?

October 7, 2020
Can a DWI change your college trajectory?

As a college student in Missouri, you want to maximize your college experience. You want to try new things, go new places and expand your horizons. Most importantly, you want to get started on figuring out your career path and establishing what you want to work toward in the future.

But did you know that only one DWI related conviction can change all your plans? Even if it is a first-time offense, DWI convictions have the ability to alter your college options.

Loss of financial support

The College Investor discusses ways that a DWI charge may impact your future in and out of college. First, you may lose your financial support. Colleges often decide to pull scholarships of people who get in trouble with the law. This even includes first-time DWI convictions.

They may also bar you from using on-campus housing. Off-campus housing is often much more expensive. The combined loss of financial support and increased housing costs may render your college choice too expensive for you. Of course, the college may also decide to expel you depending on your conviction. This is less common, though.

Loss of access to career paths

But the impact does not end there. Your career options also suffer. Some career paths do not hire people with DWI convictions on record. This includes government jobs and positions that involve working with children. Jobs that require licensure may do the same, such as nursing positions.

You may end up forced into a position where you have to reconsider your entire college trajectory. On top of that, your career path options may change forever because of one DWI conviction. As such, you should treat any DWI charge seriously.


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