Cannabis Coming to a Dispensary Near You

August 4, 2022
Cannabis Coming to a Dispensary Near You

It will be more than a year before Missouri patients will be able to step into a dispensary and legally buy marijuana as a doctor-certified treatment, said three private-sector sources tied to Amendment 2’s development.

State officials can edit the rules, but the voter-approved amendment to the Missouri Constitution order to complete by June 4th, 2019.

  1. One requirement is “commencement inspection”. DHSS’s proposed rules state that once marijuana businesses get their state licenses this year, the business will still need “final approval” after they pass a state “commencement inspection” in order to operate. (Keep in mind local zoning rules, food-safety rules)
  2. The other requirement is a “Facility Agent Identification Card”. These state-issued cards will be a must for all owners, officers, managers, contractors, and employers at marijuana businesses.

Draft rules say that applications for agent ID cards will be accepted beginning February 15, 2020. That’s six weeks after the deadline for the state to award marijuana business licenses: December 31, 2019.

Missouri’s amendment, known as Article XIV of the State Constitution. A key deadline is December 31. At a time no later than this date, Missouri must hand out approved business licenses. Amendment 2 compels Missouri to allow for at least 192 dispensaries; 24 will be located in the 7th Congressional district. City Council and Springfield’s planning and zoning commision are currently deciding where the dispensaries can be located within the city limits.

Dispensaries may be opening in June 2020. Missouri has four staff members working on medical marijuana and confirmed that the program will eventually have abou 50 state employees.


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