Crime Continues to Escalate in Chicago

August 4, 2022
Crime Continues to Escalate in Chicago

The crime rate in the Windy City is continuing to rise. In 2017, Chicago PD seized over 8,000 illegal guns. In the same year, the city reported over 760 deaths from guns, a 60% increase from the previous year. There is also over 3,000 young men in the windy city that are especially high-risk of becoming perpetrators or victims of violent crimes. The root causes of these escalating numbers include:

  • Dysfunctional families
  • A death of a success role models
  • Marginal union-dominated public schools, as well as many other factors.

So what is Chicago Doing About it?

The city of Chicago is introducing a Shot-spotter system which captures the audio sounds of gunfire and attempts to pinpoint locations for quicker deployment of officers. The system also deploys additional cameras in the direction where shots are fired. Additional doctors an nurses are being employed by Chicago hospitals and medical centers on holiday weekends.

If you murder someone in Chicago, there is a 90% chance you wont be prosecuted. 

Chicago Moving Forward

Chicago prosecutors are now being sworn in as federal US Attorneys where they can prosecute and get longer sentences. In addition, hundreds of police officers are also being deputized as federal agents in cooperation with the ATF. Without a clear plans and objectives, the crime rate will only continue to rise. Stay tuned for more updates on the strides Chicago law enforcement continues to make to bring some peace to the Windy city.


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