Dealing with false accusations of domestic violence

November 18, 2020
Dealing with false accusations of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a heinous crime, which is why the public reviles it so much. This is also why false accusations of domestic violence can be extremely damaging to the life of the accused.

If you are currently dealing with false accusations of domestic violence, it is important to act quickly and decisively. According to FindLaw, the absolute first thing you should do is change all of your online passwords and contact your family.

Why do my passwords matter?

When the accusations first come out, your initial reaction and moves are important. Stay calm. Flying off the handle is not going to paint a very pretty picture of your personality. The accusations may be false, but the court of public opinion can often be more damaging than the actual court of law.

Changing the passwords to all of your accounts is one way to protect your reputation. It is possible that your accuser can access your accounts and send threatening messages from them to create a false paper trail. Changing your password is the first step toward preventing that.

What about my family?

The last thing you want is your family to hear about this through gossip. Call them right away and let them know what is going on and that it is absolutely false. Having your friends and family solidly on your side throughout this process is absolutely key.

Dealing with accusations of domestic violence is difficult enough without also having to Grapple with your family and friends turning against you. Again, domestic violence is a popularly reviled crime. You will need your nearest and dearest to support you as you battle the accusations.


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