Defending yourself against accusations of sex offenses

August 4, 2022
Defending yourself against accusations of sex offenses

Being charged with one or more sex offenses is devastating, but even a simple accusation can also have lasting consequences. As in all other states, Missouri authorities take a very harsh stance against sex offenses. This is the right approach in terms of protecting victims and the public at large. However, it is a troubling approach for those who are wrongly accused.

Whether you have already been arrested or simply accused, it is vital to begin thinking about how to defend yourself. One mistake that our criminal defense attorneys see over and over involves ignoring your situation. Often, defendants believe that their innocence will save them from a conviction on sex offenses. Unfortunately, this is not always the outcome as many of our neighbors here in Missouri have learned.

Leaving the matter to chance and merely hoping that your innocence will speak for itself is a risky endeavor. As you may know, the consequences of a conviction for sex crimes are life-changing. Your freedom, reputation and personal relationships are at risk, and you should do everything possible to protect these basic human rights.

Our attorneys want to make sure you know that it may be possible to build a successful case if you have been accused of sex offenses. Your first, best step is to consult with a legal professional experienced in defending those accused of these crimes. Working with an attorney provides you with access to strategies designed to protect your interests. A few possible defenses against conviction include:

  • False allegations made by the other party
  • You had the consent of the other party
  • And, finally, insanity or perhaps even incapacitation on your part

We encourage you to continue reading the information posted in our blog and on our website if you require additional information about creating a defense against sex offenses.


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