Fine details of an expungement

August 4, 2022
Fine details of an expungement

Missouri residents can sometimes have offenses removed from their criminal record. A previous blog discussed the changes to expungements after a new law was passed. This week’s blog discusses information that people need to know if they want to get their record expunged.

FindLaw says that if someone gets an expungement, certain offenses no longer appear on his or her criminal record, even if people perform a background search. Some people may wonder how this is different from having their criminal record sealed. There are key differences between getting an expungement and sealing records. If someone gets his or her record sealed, Missouri courts can usually still see these offenses and look back at them if a person is arrested again. If people choose to get their record expunged, law enforcement and courts may typically view the violations which have been removed. However, these violations are generally not viewed as prior offenses.

Sometimes people can receive multiple expungements. According to Missouri Courts, someone may be able to get an additional expungement if he or she has only one felony offense on his or her record. People with only two misdemeanors that carry a prison sentence may also be able to have an additional violation removed.

Even after someone’s record is expunged, there may be times when he or she needs to report some of this information. People who are applying for a job at a credit union or bank that is federally insured usually need to report expunged violations and offenses. Sometimes Missouri law dictates that employers cannot hire people for some jobs if they have a particular type of conviction on their record. People applying for one of these jobs typically need to report expungements. Additionally, some people may need to report these offenses if they seek a license from the state.


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