HIV is a Persistent Problem

August 4, 2022
HIV is a Persistent Problem

The number of new HIV cases in Missouri is on Missouri on rises – and a disproportionately large number are in rural counties. Missouri is one of seven states with a “substantial rural burden” according to the Atlanta Center for Disease Control. Statewide there are nearly 13,000 living with HIV. Many on therapy and a drug regimen, however too many are living without knowledge that they are infected.

In recent years, Missourians diagnosed with HIV has jumped more than 10% with a discovery of a new 520 cases in 2016 and growing larger.

Most common counties are Bates, Cedar, Crawford, Hickory, Ozark, and Wright. Nationwide, about 1 in 5 new HIV diagnosis are young adults, and about half of the HIV population nationwide have no idea that they are even infected.


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