How do you handle your sex offense in a job interview?

November 25, 2020
How do you handle your sex offense in a job interview?

You want to put your legal past behind you, but find it crops up unexpectedly in various areas of your life. For instance, you must inform potential employers of your record, and you may have to explain your offense in an interview. How should you handle this?

Monster provides tips that may help you. Even with a record, you still qualify for jobs.

See what employers see

Companies cannot view rap sheets while running background checks on job candidates, but you should still look over your record. Check for sealed convictions and whether you have misdemeanors or felonies. That way, you do not reveal more than necessary if a hiring manager only asks you about specific charges, such as misdemeanors. Also, pay close attention to how far back in your past you must go to answer questions. An interviewer may only ask you about offenses from the past three years.

Do not hide details

Even if employers cannot ask job applicants about their criminal history on a job application, that does not mean you should dismiss the matter if you make it to the interview stage. Rather than let someone fill in the blanks about your past, confront the matter yourself to set the record straight. When tackling your past, create a narrative that focuses on the facts regarding what happened, explains how you learned from the incident and details how you plan to move forward to become a better person.


So you do not fumble or ramble when explaining your sex offense, practice your response so you memorize it. Besides confronting the question head-on yourself, let the recruiter know how you can contribute to the company’s success and serve as a vital asset.


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