How does a white collar charge affect my employment?

January 22, 2021
How does a white collar charge affect my employment?

Your career is a crucial element to securing the future of your dreams. What could a white-collar crime charge do to impede your progression?

White-collar crimes range from minor to serious. Even the most innocent may carry with it hefty consequences for your career. Some of the ramifications depend on various factors, including what sector you work in and whether you face a conviction. Learn more about the consequences a white-collar charge may carry.

A charge versus a conviction

Facing charges of a crime is serious in the eyes of some employers, and this alone may torpedo your career, especially if the criminal act was against the employer. For instance, if you work for an accounting firm and find yourself facing embezzling charges, your bosses may find out and suspend you on the spot. However, if you face mail fraud charges that do not have anything to do with your job, your employer may not find out about it until a conviction. Once a judge or jury finds you guilty of the charges, it is more likely that your employer will discover your criminal record, and you may face professional consequences.

A government job

When working for a government entity, either at the state or federal level, there are safety and security protocols to follow. One of these may require frequent criminal background checks. You may also have to disclose a criminal charge, even if it has nothing to do with your job. Thus, if your career is in the government, there is a greater chance that you will face termination for a white-collar charge.

Even in the face of a minor criminal charge, you may need to come to terms with how it will change your life moving forward.


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