How DWIs Can Affect College Life

August 16, 2022
How DWIs Can Affect College Life

College students need to remain conscious of the law to avoid life-altering punishments. In addition to all the possible criminal charges on the table, students can lose the perks of going to college. In late 2018, a Missouri college basketball player received a suspension after a DWI arrest.

Student athletes can lose their places on teams if cops arrest them. Other students can lose other privileges as a result of driving under the influence. In some cases, it can result in the loss of scholarships and other forms of financial aid. It is best to fight these charges, so you avoid a misdemeanor or felony charge on your record completely.

Impact On College Applications

Students in high school should not consume alcohol, but many still do. High schoolers with DWIs on their records may feel concerned about their standings. In general, a DWI may not impact your ability to get into college, but it could play a role. You need to state that you have a criminal record on your college applications. Some students do not see the harm in lying, but colleges will eventually find out. You are better off admitting to the convictions upfront and hoping for the best.

Impact On College Life

First-time DWI charges often don’t result in expulsion, but it is not out of the question. This is dependent on whether the student caused any property damage or bodily harm during the incident. Students convicted of DWIs may lose their privilege of being in student clubs or student organizations.

Impact On Financial Aid

The impact on your financial aid depends on the criteria set forth by the organization that provides the scholarship. Some organizations have strict guidelines for how recipients need to behave. Any kind of criminal conviction could result in the loss of the scholarship. As a result, it can become much more difficult to pay for college due to one mistake.

By Joe Passanise


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