Is jail or rehabilitation better for drug offenders?

August 4, 2022
Is jail or rehabilitation better for drug offenders?

There is an ongoing issue with drugs in the United States. There has also always been a constant battle between how to deal with those arrested for drug offenses. Many courts in Missouri use alternative punishments that allow a person to avoid jail time. However, there are some who think jail is exactly where these people belong. However, you feel, there is some research that shows the best course of action may be a combination of treatment and punishment.

According to Pyramid Healthcare, Inc., the proven approach to helping those with drug addictions is treatment and rehabilitation, not incarceration. However, using punishment to ensure a person stays in treatment and gets the help he or she needs can be beneficial.

If a court gives you just jail time, you will stop using until your punishment ends, then the chances are very good you will use again. If you have an addiction, you have to learn how to cope without using the drug. You have to learn how to avoid a relapse. You cannot do these things through being locked up alone. If you receive treatment in conjunction with your jail sentence, it can help tremendously.

Addiction is a disease. It is impossible to make a person become not addicted to a substance through incarceration alone. Treatment is always necessary. The bottom line is a combination treatment is the best way to help those addicted to drugs get off of drugs and avoid becoming a repeat offender in the criminal justice system. This information is for education. It is not legal advice.


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