Job-related problems and DWI charges

August 4, 2022
Job-related problems and DWI charges

There are a lot of different reasons why a driver may be pulled over for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes, a person may not even be intoxicated at all, but they may be behaving erratically on the road for some other reason. Or, a law enforcement official may be biased or intend to falsely accuse a certain driver of DWI. Some people do drive while drunk, however, and the consequences of these charges can shatter their lives in many ways. In fact, many people struggle with job-related stress and make the decision to drive drunk.

On-the-job stress can lead to drunk driving charges whether someone regularly drinks alcohol or rarely drinks but does imbibe after an especially tough day at work. From those whose job duties involve physical work to office workers and people employee in any other type of field, jobs can be very demanding and may lead to high levels of pressure that prompt someone to drink.

Unfortunately, this can make life even worse for someone who is accused of driving drunk. They may not be able to keep their license, they could face massive penalties (from prison time to costly fines) and they could have to step down from their position. Even though their job may be causing them a lot of stress, being without work could be even more difficult.

Aside from these potential challenges, drunk driving charges can shatter an individual’s life in many other ways. We discuss some more topics on this serious legal area on different pages of our website.


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