Job scams can unwittingly incriminate innocent people

August 4, 2022
Job scams can unwittingly incriminate innocent people

The job market is often competitive, and it can be difficult for some people to make a living wage. As such, many people in Missouri and elsewhere seek second jobs or look for easy and quick ways to make good money. It is important to understand that some jobs are not as legitimate as they appear and may result in criminal charges for the unwary.

The Federal Trade Commission warns that there are many employment scams that can cheat people out of their money, instead of offering large paychecks as they promise. Work-at-home ventures that promise huge rewards without requiring any experience or skill are among the most common of these scams.

According to Monster, some employment scams are even more devious and difficult to recognize. Many job postings or emails from scammers posing as headhunters involve misleading language that can make applicants believe they will be processing payments for foreign nationals or packing and shipping products to consumers, when they are instead getting involved in money laundering or handling stolen goods without their knowledge. When authorities catch up to those involved in these illegal schemes, they may charge bogus employees who never realized they were involved in unlawful activities.

Job applicants are advised to be aware of common employment scams and to report a suspicious company to law enforcement and the job site where the information was posted. They may protect themselves from criminal repercussions in this way. Those who are accused of criminal conduct are entitled to a competent legal defense.


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