Homer Wampler

February 14, 2023
Homer Wampler

Homer D. Wampler, Jr. attended Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Missouri, and Ozark Western College in Carthage. After working as an engineer for Proctor & Gamble, he earned his law degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1938.

Homer served as Assistant Greene County Prosecutor from 1941-43, and started the Neale, Newman and Wampler law firm following that. In 1975, he established Wampler, Wampler and Catt with his son, Dee Wampler, concentrating in wills, trusts and corporate law, while his son, the late Dee Wampler, focused on criminal defense. The firm became Wampler & Passanise when now Managing Partner Joseph S. Passanise joined the firm in the late 90s.


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