The connection between consent and communication

August 4, 2022
The connection between consent and communication

Dating is a challenging and exciting adventure for people all over Missouri. However, careless regard for another’s safety or comfort may instantly compromise relationships and put people at risk of accusations of criminal behavior. 

Whether male or female, people who frequent the dating scene may benefit from understanding how effective communication with their partner can prevent misunderstandings. 

The purpose of communication 

According to, consent is communication. Without a clear understanding of each other’s feelings, desires and intentions, confusion may replace confidence and leave both people at risk of experiencing unwanted consequences. People should remember that their conversation and agreement about certain activities is not retroactive. Each time a couple interacts, as the relationship and feelings progress, conversations about consent and mutual understanding require revisiting. 

Staying innocent of sexual assault 

When people plan to go on a date, they may benefit from practicing vigilance in treating their partner with dignity and respect. Their understanding of behaviors that may potentially compromise their innocence is crucial to their ability to interact with confidence and without the concern of being falsely accused of sexual misconduct or assault. 

Cornell College suggests that people never participate in sexual interactions with another person who is incapable of vocalizing consent. People who understand the impact of their decisions on others may implement self-assessment to guarantee they do not violate the rights, safety or comfort of another. If people plan to consume alcohol or drugs, it may impair their ability to reason. As such, their use of such substances requires responsibility and self-control. Practicing listening and general respect of other persons are ways that people can protect their reputation against false accusations. 


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