The long-term consequences of drunk driving convictions

August 4, 2022
The long-term consequences of drunk driving convictions

Missouri residents who are facing drunk driving charges can be facing the potential of numerous consequences. Even if it’s their first charge, the penalties can be harsh and may extend well beyond the current day and impact a person far into the future.

FindLaw takes a look at some of these long-term DUI-related consequences, which can follow a person for years after the initial charge and conviction. In many cases, a person will be left dealing with fines and fees, possible jail time, and having to potentially attend programs to help those with alcohol-related problems. An ignition interlock may be installed for a year or more, and a person could even have their license revoked or suspended. This can all result in someone being unable to attend work, keep their job, or find new employment.

The Lucida Treatment Center also discusses some far-reaching effects of DUIs that people don’t often consider. For example, it can impact a person’s social life, as having a DUI strike carries with it a certain stigma. Some students have also been dropped from their college programs after being convicted of a DUI, especially if it’s an aggravated DUI. Much like job-hunting, house-hunting can also become harder. Apartment managers may not lease out to people with a DUI conviction, depending on the severity.

This combined impact on a person’s job, career, schooling, housing, and even social life can ultimately culminate in many years of difficulties. For this reason, many turn toward professional legal help for guidance.


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