Tips on how to stay clear of a bar fight

August 4, 2022
Tips on how to stay clear of a bar fight

You go out with your friends to a local bar, and another bar patron immediately begins making derogatory comments about your mother. While it may be tempting to retaliate, know that a single bar brawl can potentially lead to months of legal battles.

Here are a few tips for how to potentially steer clear of a bar brawl:

Don’t put yourself in certain scenarios

If there’s a big game on, and you know of a bar that is the destination watch spot for the other team, don’t show up in your team’s colors. Pick another venue to view the game that evening.

If there’s a bar in your town that always seems to have fist fights and bouncers throwing people out left and right, see if you could find another place for you and your friends to enjoy your Saturday night. 

Be the bigger person

If someone begins heckling you with names or taunts, know you can always choose to not respond. Keep your distance from them, keep your eyes on them and keep your cool, too. Know that many times, if someone isn’t able to get a response, they’ll move on.

Keep an eye on your alcohol consumption

If you’re the type of person who tends to get rowdy or make riskier decisions the more drinks you consume, be aware of this, and don’t allow yourself to get to this point. Monitor the amount of drinks you have, and if you need to, when you’ve reached a certain number, cap it off for the night.

You can always go somewhere else

If another bar patron has antagonized you all evening, and decides to give it a break for a moment—perhaps they’re now distracted with someone else—don’t wait around for round-two. Know there are plenty of other establishments at which you can enjoy an evening out with your friends.


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