Violence in Windy City Continues to Rise

August 4, 2022
Violence in Windy City Continues to Rise

Last year 650 people were murdered in Chicago, and this year looks to be a banner year in the Windy City. Children living in the south and west sides of Chicago are in despair over their hopeless situation, some were as young as ten years of age.

The prosecution rate for homicide cases city-wide is a dismal 17%. In Chicago, you can commit murder and have a 90% chance of never being prosecuted.

In one seven-hour period on Sunday morning, 41 people were shot. Over July 4th weekend in 2017, more than 100 people were shot, 15 were killed and 86 others were injured. Most of these shootings were also gang related. Chicago employs over 1300 extra officers on long weekends. Federal agents are called in to assist police because crime is out of control. Data also shows that in some of the most violent districts of Chicago, the violence continues largely unabated. In fact, an area on the far south side of Chicago was hit a by 33% increase in homicides and a 21% increase in shootings, according to Chicago PD.


No matter how hard the politicians and media try to twist and spin data, the reality of Chicago is deadly violence. “We have normalized gun violence, a Chicago teen told an interviewer.

“Think about the word “normal” for a moment. For us, normal is dropping our kids off at school and going to work. Normal is a family dinner at the end of the day. Normal is daily routine in our lives.” – Dee Wampler

Let’s crack down on violent criminals and not the honest, law-abiding Americans who own firearms.


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