What are the different types of sexual assault crimes?

August 5, 2022
What are the different types of sexual assault crimes?

Being charged with a sex crime in Missouri can dramatically impact your life. If you have been charged, you will want to do all you can to avoid the harshest penalties. You should know about the different types of sex offenses and which of these charges you face.


Rape is one of the worst sex offenses under state law. It is committed when a person forces sexual intercourse on another without their consent. The crime can be committed against a stranger, romantic partner, acquaintance or family member. It can even occur between married couples. In order for a person to be charged with rape, penetration has to occur.

Statutory rape

Statutory rape is a type of sexual assault that involves sexual intercourse between an adult and a minor. A person can be charged with the crime even if the minor expressed willingness to engage in the sexual activity. This is because minors cannot legally consent to sex with an adult.

Attempted rape

Even if an actual rape doesn’t occur, attempted rape is considered a type of sexual assault. It can involve touching another person in a sexual manner against their will and actually trying to penetrate them. However, when penetration doesn’t occur, the crime is considered attempted rape instead of actual rape.

Forcible touching

Forcible touching is one of the most common sex crimes. It occurs when a person touches someone else sexually without their consent. The touching can be grabbing, pinching, rubbing or squeezing. When a person commits this crime, they are touching intimate parts of another person’s body without permission.

Being charged with a sex crime can come with life-changing penalties if you are convicted. When you face an accusation, you need to protect your rights.


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