What do you know about the long-term cost of a DUI?

January 21, 2021
What do you know about the long-term cost of a DUI?

You received a DUI recently, and while you have a loose understanding of the financial costs of the charge, you may not realize the long-term costs. How could a DUI charge affect you in the months and years to come?

Absolute Advocacy explores how DUI charges affect lives. Understand how to prepare for the fallout of your recent encounter with law enforcement.


Depending on your career goals, your DUI may put a few obstacles in your path. Even if you do not change employers soon, your current company may learn of your encounter with Missouri police, which may affect your career prospects. Potential employers may run a background check on you and discover your charge, which may disqualify you as a job candidate. If you drive to work, you may already realize how DUI driving restrictions make it difficult to hold down a job.

Personal relationships

Have you told your friends and family about your charge? If not, do you think they might look at you differently? Your DUI may affect your personal relationships in ways you cannot predict. If you have a significant other, you may worry about how your charge may alter that relationship.

Civil lawsuit

If you harmed another person while driving intoxicated, you may face a civil lawsuit. Besides the drunk-driving charge, you may also endure the short- and long-term fallout of the legal action against you.

Psychological health

Even if your DUI does not touch your personal relationships or employment prospects or does not end in a civil lawsuit, it likely impacts your mental and emotional health. You may already experience anxiety, stress, depression, panic and frustration connected to your charge.

You may not expect how a DUI shifts your life. Proper information helps you develop a proper response.


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