What is a pink collar crime?

August 4, 2022
What is a pink collar crime?

Whether or not you have heard about the CBS true crime show Pink Collar Crimes, you and other Missouri residents might find this topic interesting. When you take away the drama and sensationalism of television entertainment, you are left with a relatively new and growing area of criminal defense – crimes committed by women. These crimes are unique in numerous ways.

According to Forbes, pink collar crime is a fast-growing wave in which PTA moms, bookkeepers, school volunteers and even housewives have been known to engage. While the title may be new and trendy, pink collar crime isn’t exactly a new type of crime. More attention is being drawn to the fact that more women today are being caught in acts of fraud, money laundering, embezzlement and other crimes that are traditionally designated as white collar crime. You may be interested to learn that the number of women in American jails has increased by 14 times since 1970, and many were convicted of pink collar crimes.

Most of these criminal acts don’t involve violent acts, and many of the women who served their time feel deep remorse for their actions. What makes pink collar crime different is that the women who participate usually do so for financial security, stability and to keep their families together. You may not be surprised to learn that most start out feeling like they have no choice, and they don’t wish to harm their employers or others with their actions.

Any criminal charge is a serious one, regardless of your circumstances. Therefore, this information should not serve as legal advice.


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