What is drug court?

September 22, 2020
What is drug court?

If you face a drug charge in Missouri, then you may get the opportunity to go through drug court. The 13th Judicial Circuit of Missouri explains drug court is an alternative option that allows you to seek treatment and help instead of going through the system to receive punishment.

It is still a legal process. You will have rules to follow, and you must do specific tasks as part of the process. However, if you successfully complete drug court, you may be able to avoid a criminal record.

How it works

When you go to drug court, you will enter a treatment program that the court supervises. You will attend counseling, receive treatment services and have drug testing throughout the program.

The court will also require you to hold a job or go through an education or training program to secure employment. You will receive various forms of support to help you through your substance abuse treatment and with your employment needs.


Drug court is only for you if you have a non-violent charge. You also need to have a felony pending against you and have a determination that you would benefit from substance abuse treatment. You also must voluntarily enter the program or enter as a part of your probation or parole.

You must adhere to all requirements of the program. This includes attending counseling and court hearings. You may also have to do community service and abide by certain rules. You must be part of the program for at least one year, but the maximum time is two years.


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