What is the punishment for sexual contact with a student in MO?

August 4, 2022
What is the punishment for sexual contact with a student in MO?

If the state of Missouri charged you with sexual contact with a student, you may wonder what, exactly, the crime entails and what the punishment for said crime is. Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the nation, provides a statutory definition, punishment information and other details regarding sex crimes in Missouri, including the crime of sexual contact with a student 

According to RAINN, a person is guilty of sexual contact with a student if he or she engages in sexual contact with an individual who is a student of the public school system. For the state to commit a person of the crime, the offender must work for the public school as a teacher, employee, student teacher, volunteer, appointed or elected official or as an employee of an entity that contracts with the public school system.  

“Sexual contact” can refer to a number of acts. The most obvious act of sexual contact is the touching of the genitals, anus or breast, both through the clothing and flesh to flesh. If a public school employee or independent contractor touches a student for the purpose of gratifying or arousing sexual desire, he or she is also guilty of sexual contact with a student. A school employee, contractor or official is guilty of a sex crime regardless of whether or not the student consented to the contact.  

In Missouri, sexual contact with a student is a Class E felony. The punishment for this category of crime is a maximum fine of $10,000 and a maximum prison sentence of four years.  

This article should not be used as legal advice. It is for educational purposes only.  


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