What should I know about avoiding New Year’s Eve DUI charges?

August 4, 2022
What should I know about avoiding New Year’s Eve DUI charges?

You may have plans to go out on the town, attend a party at a friend’s home or host a party at your place for New Year’s Eve. Whether your plans involve going out or staying in, you and other Missouri residents should understand the possbilities of receiving DUI charges on one of the riskiest nights of the year for drunk driving.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration warns that the week before Christmas and New Year’s Eve is one of the worst times of the year for drunk driving accidents. This also means that law enforcement will be especially vigilant for drivers who are showing signs of being intoxicated. Before you begin your New Year’s celebration, take note of the following precautions, which may reduce your chances of coming home with a DUI:

  • Designate someone as a sober driver, or consider volunteering yourself as a sober ride home for your friends.
  • If a designated driver is not in your plans, make sure to Uber home or call a taxi.
  • Decide before you go out how much you are going to drink.

If, rather than going out, you are drinking at your home or a friend’s, consider the following choices:

  • Offer water and soda in addition to alcohol, so your guests don’t get too inebriated.
  • Take the keys from drunk guests.
  • Offer your couch or a spare bedroom for guests to sleep off the alcohol.
  • Call a taxi for those who are too drunk to drive.

Despite the best precautions, there are no guarantees you won’t receive a DUI when officers are on high alert, even if your blood alcohol content was below the legal limit. Therefore, this information is not meant to substitute for legal advice.


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