What to know about restricted driving privileges

August 4, 2022
What to know about restricted driving privileges

Drunk driving continues to be a depressingly common problem throughout Missouri. Two children in separate DUI incidents recently suffered injuries in Kansas City within minutes of one another. The police have arrested both drivers.

The penalties for a DUI conviction are severe. A first offense can lead to fines of up to $500 as well as up to six months in jail. The state can also choose to suspend your driver’s license. There is a way to apply for restricted driving privileges during this suspension, but it does not always work. With these privileges, you will still be able to drive your car to pre-approved destinations, such as work or school. After a DUI arrest, it is critical to review your options to see if you can continue to keep your job.

Install an ignition interlock device

For most drunk drivers, they will receive a penalty of a 30 day-suspension immediately followed by a 60 day-restriction. However, it is possible to go directly to a restriction if you immediately install an IID into your car. An ignition interlock device will prevent you from using your vehicle unless you blow into a device to show you do not have any alcohol in your system. You will need to file a proof of installation as well as proof of insurance to the state to show you in full compliance.

It is vital to recognize that only people who just received their first DUI charges are eligible to file for restricted driving privileges. If you have multiple DUIs on your record, then the state will not allow you to drive even to work and school if you install an IID. However, those who do qualify should begin submitting the paperwork right away. You need to submit all the proper paperwork within 15 days from the date you receive your Notice of Suspension or Revocation of Your Driving Privilege.


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