What you need to know about multiple DWI convictions

August 4, 2022
What you need to know about multiple DWI convictions

The state of Missouri has some interesting rules when it comes to driving while intoxicated. Individuals accused of these offenses often find it beneficial to familiarize themselves with the possible consequences of a guilty verdict in their case.

Penalties become more stringent when the accused has multiple offenses on his or her record. However, it is not always immediately clear whether a previous DWI will affect any given case.

As described on the Missouri Department of Revenue website DWI information page, there are two types of convictions pertinent to this conversation:

  • Blood alcohol content offenses
  • Crimes involving drug or alcohol intoxication while operating a motor vehicle

One of the things that often make it difficult for people to understand whether a pending DUI will have consequences beyond the normal scope of the offense is the Missouri points system. This system, also discussed on the DOR site, involves the accrual of points: a quantification of criminal history is taken into consideration when the court reviews a alcohol- or drug-related traffic offense. There are many different rules governing in the point system, not all of them relevant to DWI offenses. 

In addition to the complicated ruleset that includes an annual reduction in point totals and mandatory suspensions for point accrual, there are a variety of different violations involving illicit substances and alcohol. Each of these crimes adds different amounts of points if an individual is convicted.

Luckily, the offense that an officer suggests occurs at the scene of an alleged crime is usually not the final word in any DWI event. Courts must decide which violation occurred, and therefore which point total should be added to an offenders record, if any.


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